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Humate of sodium and Humate of potassium.

Humate of sodium and Humate of potassium.Stimulatory of growth and development of plants. Advantages and result of application of Humate are in agricultural industry: 1. Increase of the productivity of vegetable cultures on 10-60%. 2. Acceleration of ripening process. 3. Improvement of useful qualities of the followings cultures: - corn cereals; - sunflower; - corn; - ovoschevykh cultures of the closed and opened soil; - fruit trees and bushes; - decorative cultures and colors. 4. Increase of resistance to cold and zasukhostoykosti. 5. Increase of nespecificheskoy soprotivlyaemosti of organisms (resistance illnesses).. 6. Possibility of sharing of Gumata with the different types of fertilizers. 7. Improvement of perception of mineral elements of feed. 8. Use of very a few of guminovykh matters in solutions for treatment of seed before sowing. 9. Use for the basic bringing in soil. 10. An increase of maintenance of albumen is in grain. 11. At unfavorable climatic terms the receipt of valuable seminal material is assured!!! Also, it is expedient to apply guminovye fertilizers and for renewal (treatments) of vegetable cultures. In this case advantages will be followings: 1. Renewal of genetic information is in plants. 2. Effort of processes of reparacii and regeneration. Application of gumatov allows to get valuable posterity in terms, distant from a norm, including at the present accumulation of yadokhimikatov in an environment. At bringing of guminovykh fertilizers in soils, plants are far better able to carry the surplus doses of mineral fertilizers, a lack of oxygen is in rizosfere and other complications. These advantages allow to recommend our products to application in the states with the large variety of pochveno-klimaticheskikh terms and enormous variety of the tilled agricultural and decorative cultures. Humate – it is a source of feed and regulator preparation for plants!
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